How to Print Your Own Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are letters sent to invite guests to a wedding. Whether you’ve opted to design your own wedding invitations, or you purchased a digital invitation template online, you can usually save a decent amount of money if you choose to print your own wedding invitations at home or at a local print shop. It may seem complicated, but we promise that anyone can find a suitable, low-cost option for printing.

In addition to providing relevant information like the date, time and place of the event, the invitation sets the tone for the wedding. Although etiquette varies depending on the country and culture, wedding invitations traditionally are mailed to guests 5 to 8 weeks before the wedding date.

Determine What Kind of Wedding Invitations You Prefer

You’ll also want to consider what type of paper you want to use with the printer. Inkjet printers are typically better suited for a variety of paper stocks including glossy or heavy card stock. Once again, look up your printer model to find which paper stocks can be used with your printer.

You can find many different paper options in standard sizes on Amazon or even at office supply stores. Just be sure to check that your printer can print at smaller sizes and with the paper type that you choose.

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Environmentally conscious couples may want to choose 100% recycled with 30% post-consumer waste paper. Those who desire a luxurious feel to the paper may prefer 100% cotton paper. Couples who want a more dramatic invitation may choose textured paper.

Request paper samples before placing your order. Most paper distributors will provide samples either free of charge or for a small shipping fee. The paper sample will allow you to evaluate the paper weight, color and texture.

Design the Invitations

Professional desktop publishing or design software may be helpful in creating elaborate invitation designs. However, any word processing program can be used to create basic wedding invitations.

The text alignment is how the text is aligned or arranged on the invitation. Traditional wedding invitations feature center alignment. However, consider right or left justified alignments depending on your invitation design.

Line spacing is the amount of space between the lines of text. If the line spacing is too far apart or too close together, the invitation will be difficult to read. Adjust the line spacing as necessary to meet your design needs.

Evaluate the color scheme of your invitation as a whole, and then add carefully placed pops of color. Consider colored graphic elements like clip art or choose text in a color that complements the invitation design.

Print the Invitations

Before you begin printing the final invitations, run a test print to make sure the invitation prints correctly.

Evaluate the cost of the printer ink for your home printer compared to having the invitations printed at a local print shop. In some cases, it may be cheaper to have the invitations printed locally. Most printing companies require a .pdf of the invitation image in order to print it, but inquire about the file requirements at your local print shop.