Filling out Address Information For Wedding Invitations

Write addresses below the outer envelope’s guest names. The address goes right under the guest name, so hopefully you’ve left enough space. The outer envelope is what the mail carrier sees, so the address as to be there. Write clearly and legibly so that the postal service gets the invitations to your guests on time.Take the time to refer to your guest list for accurate shipping information. You’ll have some explaining to do if grandma’s invitation gets lost in the mail.

Avoid using abbreviations. Unfortunately, you can’t save yourself some time here. You have to painstakingly write out the words you’re used to abbreviating. Avenue, for example, should not be AVE on your envelope. State and country abbreviations also look tacky, so go ahead and learn how to spell Mississippi before trying to invite your long-lost uncle. In cases of couples not living together, the address used should belong to the person you know best.

Place your return address in the upper left corner. Your hand is cramped, but persevere for the good of your wedding day. Lost envelopes won’t make their way back to you without a return address. The upper left corner is the standard spot for your full and unabbreviated address. To avoid cramping the front side, you may write it on the back flap. The stamp can go back there too to give your handwriting space to shine.

  • Printed address labels, while not as appealing as handwriting, are an option. It’ll give you more time to spend on the important decisions, such as what kind of frosting to use on your cake.
  • If an invitation is returned to you unopened, it most likely means you have the wrong address.